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Creative Arts Team

Leader: Pastor Randy Ramos

If you attend CDA and love to sing or are gifted musically, interested in live production, sound, video and lighting, then we would love for you to connect with us by joining the Creative Arts Team. This group of brilliant creatives strive to bring a sense of creativity and uniqueness in displaying the ministry that happens at CDA Church. Bring your creativity and tech savvy to this team that reaches thousands by delivering the Word and worship through camera, lighting, sound elements, social media, graphic design and photography.

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CDA Kids

Leaders: Pastor Mikey & Ramonita Hernandez

CDA Kids exists to introduce children to the gospel of Jesus Christ and to help them develop a personal relationship with Him. We accomplish this through Christ-centered relationships, engaging worship, teaching a Bible-centered curriculum and participating in missional activities.

Welcome and Hospitality

Leader: Pastor Judith Delgado

Almost every Sunday is someone’s first Sunday at CDA Orlando. Imagine joining a team that has fun creating a welcoming environment for our visitors. The Welcome & Hospitality team works hard to create an environment where each person feels welcome and comfortable. You can expect to have fun, care for new people, share community with your team and play a significant role in helping someone have a wonderful experience.

Merge Youth

Leaders: Pastor Danny & Marisol Escalante, Pastor Ramnell & Stephanie Colon, Pastor Albert & Almary Benitez

Many in our church partner with Merge Youth and are passionate about its mission of introducing teens to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith. If you are interested in serving local young adults, middle/high school students, please let us know and we’d love to connect you.

Global Missions

Leader: Pastor Irma Rivera

We care about being the kind of church that doesn’t exist solely for our local community, but for the world. Our desire is to see both the physical and spiritual needs met of people all over the globe. If you desire to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus by serving our international community, this is where you belong.